ABOUT Linknovate

Linknovate Inc. was found 3 years ago in the US. Linknovate Science SL was recently funded in April 2104 to operate in the EU. Linknovate Science SL has been awarded a CSA H2020 EU project in September 2014, HOLA CLOUD (750,000 € total funding), to develop a cloud knowledge repository and search engine.

Linknovate’s role is to serve as pilot study of the different methods and models developed during this project. The distributed architecture of Linknovate’s product will allow the testing of different deployment configuration and strategies with real data of in production services.

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Role in the Project

Linknovate team has an extensive experience in the operation of distributed systems serving real world users. In particular, Linknovate has a broad knowledge of the FiWare stack for distributed computing. Linknovate engineers have addressed the issue of continuously adapting its infrastructure and deployment nodes for answering different loads of users requests. Linknovate experience and usage data will help to the testing and evaluation of the methods and models originated in this project in production scenarios.

Linknovate will contribute to this project in a dual role. First, they will act as an active source of data (user interaction, computational load, network traffic, etc.) in order to design and adjust the methods and models of the project. Second, it will help demoing and testing the developed models in the context of an actual running complex search engine with real clients and requirements.

Key Personnel

  • Manuel Noya
    Manuel Noya Co-founder

    Manuel Noya is a co-founder of Linknovate. He has gone through StartX, Stanford University accelerator program and became the winner of the competition and recipient of the number 1 awarded startup of Finodex – FiWare project in 12/2015 – with the total funding of €170,000.

  • Jose Lopez Veiga
    Jose Lopez Veiga Principal Software Engineer

    Jose is leading the design, development, integration, test and deployment of company’s software. He has strong computer science fundamentals and knowledge of main machine learning algorithms gained through a Master’s in Computer Science and PhD.

  • Gustavo Viqueira
    Gustavo Viqueira Business and Operations

    Gustavo gained extensive sales training in software based products from an award winning company. He is passionate about his work in startups and SMB.