RECAP has established an External Advisory Board (EAB) comprising academic and industry experts from the different S&T areas addressed by the project. The role of the EAB is to help and guide the project consortium by giving an independent perspective on its plans and project’s progress and suggesting opportunities for maximising impact.

  • Miguel Garcia Gonzalez Senior Innovation Consultant
    Zabala Innovation Consulting

    Miguel Garcia Gonzalez is an expert on public fundraising from major EU research and innovation programmes, such as Horizon 2020, FP7, CIP-ICT Programme, ECSEL, Eranet and Interreg.

  • Schahram Dustdar Professor of Computer Science
    TU Wien

    Schahram Dustdar is Full Professor of Computer Science with a focus on Internet Technologies heading the Distributed Systems Group at the TU Wien.

  • Weisong Shi Professor
    Wayne State University

    Dr. Weisong Shi is a Professor of Computer Science at Wayne State University. He is one of the world leaders in the edge computing research community.

  • Fabio Giust Research Scientist
    NEC Laboratories Europe

    Fabio Giust is a research scientist with NEC Laboratories Europe. His research interests include 5G mobile networks, mobile-edge computing, and network virtualization.

  • Jordi Arjona Aroca Researcher
    Valenciaport Foundation

    Jordi Arjona Aroca is researcher at Valenciaport Foundation and, formerly, at Nokia Bell Labs. His research interests include energy optimization in data centers and data center networking.

  • Xavi Masip Bruin Associate Professor
    Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

    Xavi Masip is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science department at the UPC. He is actively working in the areas of cloud computing, IoT and novel network paradigms.

  • Luis Tomas Bolivar Software Engineer
    Red Hat EMEA

    Luis is a Software Engineer at Red Hat EMEA. His research interests include QoS support, autonomic resource management, and fault tolerance within highly distributed systems.

  • Alessandro Rossini Senior Manager
    PwC Consulting

    Alessandro Rossini is a Senior Manager in the Business Technology group in PwC Consulting Oslo with a successful record of accomplishments in research and innovation projects, both in academia and industry.

  • Tomas Fredberg Chief Architect

    Tomas Fredberg is Senior Expert IT & Telco Datacenter Infrastructure, with more than 15 years of experience within system development for hardware infrastructure platforms.

  • Stefano Salsano Associate Professor
    University of Rome Tor Vergata

    Stefano Salsano is an Associate Professor at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. His interests include Network Function Virtualization, Software Defined and Information-Centric Networking.

  • Israel Herraiz Senior Data Scientist
    BBVA Data & Analytics

    Israel Herraiz is a Senior Data Scientist at BBVA Data & Analytics. His research activities focus on Statistics and Programming, specifically software evolution and Object-Oriented systems.

  • Azimeh Sefidcon Director of Cloud Technology Research

    Azimeh Sefidcon is a Director of Cloud Technology Research at Ericsson where she explores future differentiators and value creating cloud technologies.

  • Rajiv Ranjan Associate Professor
    Newcastle University

    Dr. Rajiv Ranjan is a Reader in Computing Science at Newcastle University. He is an internationally established scientist with expertise in cloud computing, big data, and IoT.

  • Geir Horn Head of European ICT Research
    University of Oslo

    Dr. Geir Horn is Head of European ICT Research at University of Oslo. His research interests are on how to handle complexity and services choreography for distributed applications.

  • Ivona Brandic Professor
    TU Wien

    Ivona Brandic is University Professor for HPC Systems at TU Wien. Her interests comprise virtualized HPC systems, massive-scale data analytics and cloud & workflow QoS.

  • Carlos Cuesta Associate Professor
    Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

    Prof. Carlos E. Cuesta holds the position of Associate Professor at URJC. His main research area is Software Architecture in its many variants, from Reflective Architectures to Self-Adaptive Systems.

  • Jussi Kangasharju Professor
    University of Helsinki

    Jussi Kangasharju is a Professor at the University of Helsinki. His research interests include information-centric networks, edge and cloud computing, content distribution.