ABOUT Dublin City University

DCU is Ireland’s youngest university. It is ranked in the top ‘100 under 50’ on the Times Higher Education and in the ‘Top 50 under 50’ on the QS World Top 50 under 50 University Rankings; the only featured higher education institution on the island of Ireland.

The Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4) was established in February 2012 and has attracted national funding of €6.2m to date. IC4 carries out cutting-edge industry-led research focused on the development of next-generation cloud computing solutions and the acceleration of the adoption of cloud computing technologies by Irish technology companies and enterprises. IC4’s portfolio of research includes auto-scaling, migration, service lifecycle management including monitoring, heterogeneous cloud computing, security analytics and threat assessment, trust, cloud service brokerage, data protection and privacy. Through the modelling and simulation research group, IC4 has extensive experience in the area of simulation of Cloud and is currently leading the simulation-related work package for the FP7 CACTOS project.

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Role in the Project

The DCU research team will lead the simulation-related work and coordinate the dissemination and exploitation efforts. The team will also play a role in end use requirements collection and specification.

DCU will provide research and expertise in the area of discrete event simulation modelling, development and experimentation, correlating and validating the outputs between the simulated and real environments. A simulation toolkit will be developed building on the existing research and technical development from DCU and other partners towards the modelling of and experimentation with scenarios utilising the knowledge refined and created as part of the project. This will result in scientific and technical output through providing for better analysis capabilities in understanding the readiness of a system/data centre for IoT, in providing prediction and analysis of different analytical optimisations without the usage of real resources and in delivering mechanisms towards understanding which data analysis techniques should be applied in real situations leading to real economic benefits.

Key Personnel

  • Theo Lynn
    Theo Lynn Professor

    Professor Theo Lynn is Professor of Digital Business at DCU Business School and is the Principal Investigator of the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce, an Enterprise Ireland/IDA funded Cloud Computing Technology Centre. Professor Lynn specializes in the role of digital technologies in transforming business processes. He has won over 200 grants and is an author on over 150 journal articles, book chapters and conference papers in both business and computer science.

  • James Byrne
    James Byrne Research Fellow

    Dr. James Byrne is a Research Fellow with DCU in the areas of simulation-related software development and simulation of Cloud. Prior to this, he was a Senior Researcher with SAP Research UK in the areas of risk and cost modelling and prediction relating to Cloud computing and virtualization.

  • Sergej Svorobej
    Sergej Svorobej Researcher

    Sergej started his career from SAP Dublin IT Infrastructure Support role moving later to Finance and Controlling Business Applications Support position, eventually becoming a senior team member. Currently, Sergej is working as a Research Assistant in IC4 and finishing up his PhD thesis in the area of Cloud Computing Resource Management. His main research interests are in Cloud Computing, Discrete Event Simulation and Software Engineering.

  • Anna Gourinovitch
    Anna Gourinovitch Researcher

    Anna Gourinovitch is a postgraduate researcher with an MSc in Digital Marketing from DCU. Her main research interest is in digital marketing and she is currently coordinating dissemination in the H2020 project, CloudLightning.

  • Patricia Takako Endo
    Patricia Takako Endo Researcher

    Patricia is a postdoctoral researcher at IC4/DCU, and an adjunct professor at Universidade de Pernambuco (UPE). She received a PhD and Master’s in Computer Science from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE). She worked as a researcher at the GPRT/UFPE group (Research Group of Networking and Telecommunication) with the focus in Cloud Computing area and a specific interest in Resource Management, High Availability and Edge, Fog and Cloud Integration.

  • Malika Bendechache
    Malika Bendechache Postdoctoral Researcher

    Malika is a postdoctoral researcher at dotLab/DCU, she received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from Insight Centre for Data Analytics at the University College Dublin (UCD) in the area of Parallel and Distributed Data Mining. After her Ph.D., she worked as a researcher at the CONSUS (Crop Optimisation through Sensing, Understanding & Visualisation) research group at UCD. Malika’s main research interests are in areas of Distributed Systems, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, with a specific interest in resource management simulation for large-scale distributed Cloud and Edge-/Fog- Computing environments and associated applications.