Intel Corporation is the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, and develops advanced integrated digital technology platforms for the computing and communications industries. More than 6,000 researchers and scientists are engaged in Intel’s research and development programmes, including over 1500 employees within Intel Labs Europe.

The Cloud Services Lab (CSL), one of the Ireland-based labs, is particularly active in the areas of interoperability, dependability and platform/service differentiation in data centers and networks, spanning compute, storage and network technologies. Specific research topics include instrumentation and manageability of cloud and network infrastructures, open interface specifications, service level agreements, context awareness and digital preservation. The lab’s research output includes usage models, prototypes, technologies and open standards which enable dependable cloud environments and support automatic discovery and selection of optimal platform services. The lab is also actively advancing IT management framework processes for technology adoption.

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Role in the Project

Intel’s CSL team are leveraging their expertise and experience in Software Defined Infrastructures (SDI) and cloud computing resource orchestration and management to contribute to the research and technical tasks of RECAP. Specifically, Intel’s involvement, research and contributions will revolve around the topics of infrastructure modelling and capacity planning optimization from the perspective of the cloud/fog service provider. The planning of capacity through the definition and use of utility functions will be one particular area of research.

Intel also foresee contributing to new simulation and emulation techniques for highly scalable infrastructure cloud/fog environments, and advancements in workload modelling and characterization.

Intel will also support the integration of any Intel open source telemetry and analytics frameworks that may be relevant, including potentially SNAP and TAP.

Key Personnel

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy Senior Researcher

    John Kennedy, an honours graduate of a Master’s Degree of Science in Computing, is a Senior Researcher in the Cloud Services Lab of Intel Labs Europe. John’s research domains include cloud computing, SOAs and infrastructure management.

  • Radhika Loomba
    Radhika Loomba Research Scientist

    Radhika Loomba is a Research Scientist with Intel Labs Europe. She completed her B.Tech (Hons.) degree, in Computer Science and Engineering, from LNMIIT, India in 2012 and her doctoral degree from the Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland in 2017, focused on collaborative mobile sensing and mobile cloud computing technologies. She is currently focused on orchestration, analytics and optimization for Cyber Physical Systems from a mathematical modelling perspective, and her research interests include cloud computing, SDN, fog & edge computing, distributed collaborative systems, control theory, orchestration, planning and scheduling.

  • Keith Ellis
    Keith Ellis Senior Research Scientist

    Keith A. Ellis is a Senior Research Scientist and Ireland Lead of Intel Labs Europe. His research focus is orchestration and control in Cyber Physical Systems. Keith has led and been actively involved with national, international and European part-funded research – REVISITE, COOPERATE, IMR, WISDOM, RealValue and EL4L, targeting various domains – built environment, industrial, water mgmt., smart grid and agricultural.  He is author of multiple patents and several journal articles, book chapters and conference papers. He holds a 1:1 MSc in Tech & Innovation Mgmt. and a 2:1 BSc (Hons.) in Tech.

  • Ruth Quinn
    Ruth Quinn Research Scientist

    Ruth Quinn is a Research Scientist in the Systems Integration Research Lab of Intel Labs Europe. Ruth studied in University College Dublin completing her B.Sc. in Engineering Science in 2014, and subsequently completing her Masters in Engineering in 2016. With expertise in embedded and application software development for Cyber Physical Systems, her research interests include infrastructure modelling, fog & edge computing, distributed systems, orchestration, power & performance analysis of hardware and data analysis.