SATEC is a multinational company engaged in integrating of advanced solutions and services associated with the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). SATEC Group is now a large international entrepreneurial venture actively present in nine countries (with business in twenty countries) and with a current payroll of more than 1.000. SATEC has always defined its main objective as being to make itself the innovative response to enhancing its client’s data systems with the presentation of a comprehensive portfolio of engineering systems, offering cutting-edge resources and services.

SATEC has an extensive portfolio of ICT Services and solutions to satisfy the customer’s needs (user driven approach). This experience allows SATEC to offer specific services and solutions companies operating in any business sector (banking, health care, industry, Insurance, Public Administrations, Solar Energy, Telecoms, etc.). SATEC has proven experience in developing: monitoring systems (Scadas, environment data, data networks, etc.), remote control applications (for eHealth and Energy, M2M device networks), data analytics, ICT infrastructures (data centres, hosting, cloud, data networks, process architectures, etc.), Big Data platforms and applications, etc.

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Role in the Project

The RECAP project will be a lever to consolidate the SATEC skills in the scopes of fog computing, Big Data (monitoring, and massive data processing), and particularly in terms of software deployment reliability and flexibility. The RECAP scenarios require a full advanced platform to develop and deploy complex big data, IoT and cloud systems. One of the SATEC’s goals will be the use of RECAP results in a wide range of fields and applications.

SATEC’s principal activity in the RECAP project is focused on Use Cases development and pilots/demonstrators development (definition, design implementation, execution and validation). Therefore, in the WP3 and WP8 SATEC will contribute in the design, integration, internal validation and pilots’ deployment and execution. In the WP4, WP5, WP6 and WP7 SATEC can contribute providing the real problems and needs in the industry to be solved by the academia and will try to convert research results in solutions near to the market. In the WP2 (Dissemination and Exploitation) SATEC will contribute moving the Use case closer to market.

Key Personnel

  • Miguel Angel López
    Miguel Angel López Innovation Manager

    Miguel Angel López is Innovation Manager at SATEC in which has been working for 15 years. He has actively worked in several Spanish and European R&D projects involved in both Management and technical areas.

  • Antonio González Kirchenmayer
    Antonio González Kirchenmayer SOFTWARE ENGINEER

    Antonio González Kirchenmayer is a Team Leader, Technical Leader and Software Architect in the “Technical Software” group (Applications Department). Antonio has over 11 years of experience in the software development process across a broad range of technologies.

  • Hector Humanes

    Hector Humanes is a graduate of Computer Engineering at the Technical University of Madrid. He is a specialist in IoT and in its fundamental topic areas, such as device management, data collection and storage and IoT platforms.