Tieto is the largest (more than 13000 employees) IT service company in the Nordics that provides full lifecycle services in IT, for private and public organizations who want to master industry change and accelerate their business success.

Furthermore, Tieto also delivers product development services with global reach. Product Development Services, PDS, is an organization within Tieto with a focus on RnD mainly in the telecom industry, but also aiming for customers within the telecom ecosystem. Within PDS they are working in RnD projects related to development of E2E Telecom Radio Access Networks. In these assignments they are working with existing systems but also in projects aiming for next generation of E2E Radio Access Networks. The telecom market is rapidly changing and is moving into more cloud based technologies which will have significant impact on the architecture, behaviour as well as the characteristics of the networks.

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Role in the Project

Tieto intends to evaluate 5G technologies and Machine Type Communication (MTC) aspects to support different industry and enterprise verticals. Based upon this their plans and targets fits very well with the goal of this project. Within the scope of the project they would evolve their solutions related to system observability to optimize the provisioned end-to-end services, individual network functions and infrastructure utilization.

Furthermore, they will refine the ability to simulate network characteristics for emerging use cases with new requirements on QoS, especially when it comes to increased reliability and reduced latency. Tieto will also evolve their test bed to simulate end-to-end Software Defined Network (SDN) capabilities and adapt it to an edge computing platform to support simulation of selective service distribution to the edge and to central clouds based on service requirements.

Key Personnel

  • Johan Forsman

    Johan Forsman is a business developer, product manager and principal solution architect at Tieto Product Development Services. Johan has over 20 years of experience in development of telecommunication mobile systems and is currently involved in business opportunities in the emerging telecom landscape, introducing NFV, 5G and IoT technologies. Domain of expertise include mobile networks in general, radio access networks and virtualization technology in specific.

  • Clas Högvall

    Clas Högvall is a senior line manager at Tieto Product Development Services. Clas has more than 20 years of experience in people and project management as well as in customer relations and sales. Clas is currently heading a department at Tieto office in Umeå.

  • Linus Närvä
    Linus Närvä Software Engineer

    Linus Närvä is a software engineer and technical coordinator at Tieto Product Development Services. Before RECAP, Linus worked with various aspects of software development for telecommunication mobile systems, including feature development and testing for radio base station software. Domain of expertise include software development across a broad spectrum of technologies.

  • Arvin Johansson Arbab
    Arvin Johansson Arbab Software Developer

    Arvin Johansson Arbab is a software developer at Tieto Product Development Services. Arvin explored mobility simulation for his thesis and has built mobility simulation into Tieto’s testbed, and is working on all technical parts of Tieto’s RECAP-related assets, ranging from visualization to the testbed itself.