RECAP Application Configuration and Deployment Optimiser

The RECAP Application Configuration and Deployment Optimiser captures and isolates application-level QoS and performance data relating to the operation of distributed applications in fog/edge computing scenarios, and provides a generalised framework for injection of application intelligence for placement (resource site selection) and auto-scaling (horizontal and vertical scaling of applications to adapt to workload variations) optimisation. The system is capable of reactive and proactive auto-scaling of complex applications. The tools are integrated in the general RECAP architecture and follow a
workflow of:

• Monitoring of application and infrastructure states.
• Monitoring of application workloads and the resulting QoS.
• Use of prediction tools to forecast changes in workload.
• Planning of updates and reconfiguration of application deployments and configurations to improve application performance and minimise resource

Application models have been developed for two demonstration scenarios: network functionality virtualisation and large-scale content delivery networks.

Benefits: The RECAP Application Configuration and Deployment Optimiser enables resource providers and application operators to analyse and optimise application performance and resource utilisation for applications deployed across distributed cloud, fog, and edge networks and data centres. The use of the RECAP optimisation system improves the performance of systems, reduces the power consumption of infrastructures, and provides insight(s) into the operations of complex distributed applications.

Licence: Proprietary.

Contact: Umeå University, Sweden | P-O Östberg | [email protected]