RECAP CLI Tool (Cloud-based Emulation for IoT and Edge Infrastructures)

The RECAP CLI Tool is a collection of scripts, configuration files, and rules for the creation of virtual topologies inside existing IaaS clouds. It is capable of generating virtual machines and virtual network topologies that resemble cloud-edge infrastructures which can be used for validating communication, deployment, and testing of geo-distributed installations. The RECAP CLI Tool includes a minimalistic description language that enables a user to easily specify (cloud and edge) data centres, their infrastructure setup and geo-distributed settings, (i.e. connectivity in terms of latency and bandwidth). In RECAP this tool is used for emulating geo-distributed infrastructure and testing RECAP tools that manage this infrastructure.

Benefits: Designing and implementing distributed applications is difficult. Testing and validating them is even more difficult and doing so for geo-distributed scenarios is complex, error prone and time-consuming. Using the RECAP CLI Tool, cloud infrastructure can be used to support initial testing and validation for geo-distributed infrastructures. This significantly reduces the overhead of setting up a scenario, increases flexibility for testing different scenarios, and allows for a higher degree of automation due to the flexibility offered by the virtual infrastructure.

Licence: Open Source


Contact: Ulm University, Germany | Dr. Jörg Domaschka | [email protected]