RECAP Infrastructure Optimiser (Mechanism for Automated Application Placement and Capacity Planning)

The RECAP Infrastructure Optimiser is a mechanism for automated and optimised application placement and infrastructure planning decisions. The software embodiment encompasses the use of an optimal search mechanism (i.e. an evolutionary algorithm) and utility functions and can allow for different algorithms and utility functions to be utilised.

The system assumes:
• An existing system that relays infrastructure information e.g. the Intel Landscaper.
• An existing Infrastructure Management System (e.g. OpenStack) with a cloud-like API for providing real-time telemetry information.
• Access to business / operational heuristics for codification within utility functions.

Benefits: The RECAP Infrastructure Optimiser enables Infrastructure Service Providers to ‘sweat the assets’ relevant to a given customer application or workload e.g. by informing VM, container or VNF placement in near-real-time while also serving as a ‘recommender’ with regards to future infrastructure purchasing and physical placement decisions.

Licence: Proprietary.

Contact: Intel Labs Europe, Ireland | Keith A Ellis | [email protected]
Intel Labs Europe, Ireland | Radhika Loomba | [email protected]