Cloud Simulation Workshop | Video Presentations

James Byrne, DCU – “A Review of Cloud Computing Simulation Platforms and Related Environments”
Dr. James Byrne presents a review of cloud computing simulation platforms and related environments. He provides an overview and multi-level feature analysis of DES tools for cloud computing environments and discusses how these cloud simulation platforms are being used for research purposes.

Sergej Svorobej, DCU – “CACTOS Predictive Toolkit”
Sergej Svorobej presents CACTOS, an EU-funded FP7 project to develop cost and risk saving developments for increasing cloud service infrastructures. By collecting and utilising historical data and research CACTOS optimises differing hardware options to deliver a simulation that will allow cost and risk analysis.

Gabriel Gonzalez Castane, UCC – “iCanCloud”
Dr. Gabriel Gonzalez Castane presents iCanCloud, a simulation platform for modeling and simulating cloud environments. iCanCloud provides a complete set of modules for modeling with high level detail, a cloud computing environments and their underlying architecture.