D3.2 Final Requirements and Validation Plan

The purpose of this report is two-fold. Firstly, it describes the development of the use cases since Deliverable D3.1. Secondly, it describes the plan on how to validate RECAP results and their applicability to real-world usage scenarios. In order to get a complete view of the use cases as defined for the project, it is necessary to read both this document and Deliverable D3.1. No use cases have had any major changes since the submission of Deliverable D3.1. Changes are mainly limited to clarifications in user stories and to validation scenarios, a consequence of more concrete validation plans. The validation of each use case is presented in a validation plan which describes how the validation is executed. A set of tests are proposed for each use case. These tests are based on validation scenarios and thus, tied to user stories. For each test, the outputs (i.e. results/measurements/behaviour) and acceptance criteria are specified. The validation plan also describes how these results verify the individual user stories. Also, the validation plan summarises the different validation tasks, and presents a prioritization and ordering of the user stories along with a time plan. The aggregated time plan is presented in Conclusions and Outlook at the end of the document.


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