D7.5 Final RECAP Simulation Platform

This deliverable presents the final version of RECAP large scale simulation platform, that encompasses of two different simulation approaches: Discrete Time Simulation (DTS) and Discrete Event Simulation (DES). In order to cover all requirements (defined previously in D3.1 Initial Requirements) after analysing all uses cases, and considering the advantages and disadvantages of each simulation approach, it was decided that large-scale scenarios will be modelled by using DTS, while scenarios with more peculiar details will be modelled by using the DES approach, as follows:


Discrete time simulation (DTS)

  • Use Case C: Edge/Fog Computing for Smart Cities (SATEC)
  • Use Case D.1: Network Function Virtualization – Virtual Content Distribution Networks (BT)


Discrete event simulation (DES)

  • Use Case A: Infrastructure and Network Management (TIETO)
  • Use Case B: Big Data Analytics Engine (Linknovate)
  • Use Case D.2: Network Function Virtualization – Cloud Connect Intelligence (BT)


The deliverable presents an overview of experiments across all the use cases. It describes (in detail) the modelling approach taken to create multiple experiment scenarios with varying infrastructure, application and workload models. Each presented use case example also shows results and draws conclusions that can provide valuable insights into system configuration options and overall understanding of behaviour. 


The integration with the optimiser framework is also part of this deliverable. The RECAP simulation framework has the capability to receive (a set of) JSON files containing a simulation configuration, execute it and provide the required output.


In addition, the document provides a version of user guide for both DES and DTS simulation frameworks. The guide includes description of RECAP simulation platform capabilities and describes its command line and web API interfaces. As both DES and DTS frameworks are opensourced the guide can be used for anybody who is interested in using the work.



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