Seminar: Dependability, Simulation and Modelling

On Thursday, November 15, 2018, DCU Business School, the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce and the RECAP project organised a research seminar on dependability, simulation and modelling. The speakers included a visiting Professor Ivanovitch Silva, from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Patricia Endo (DCU), Sergei Svorobej (DCU) and Cleber de Morais (DCU).

The seminar opened with a talk by Patricia Endo and Sergej Svorobej (RECAP, DCU) who presented the simulation approach in the RECAP project.

It conitnued with a presentation on “A Modelling Language for Defining Cloud Simulation Scenarios in RECAP Project Context” by Cleber Matos de Morais.

Finally, Prof. Dr. Ivanovitch da Silva gave a talk on “Dependability Realm: from modelling and analysis to data-driven application”. He presented the concept of dependability from an IoT perspective, surfing among the challenges from modeling, analysis, and developing of data-driven applications.

The slides of the RECAP presentations are available on our website and on the official SlideShare channel.