D8.3 Infrastructure Modelling and Resource Mapping

This document is the third in the series of reports that disseminate the technical research, methodologies, algorithms and results developed as part of WP8. D8.3 first presents the final infrastructure model, defined as the 'Landscaper' to concretely address the requirements of RECAP cloud/edge use-cases. It provides a representation of physical infrastructure, responsible for capturing resource composition, resource configuration including specific platform features, network connections as well as geographical information related to all resources. The deliverable details the augmented features of the 'Landscaper' including – collectors specific to the RECAP use case scenarios, processing speed enhancements, support for Docker containers and latest versions of OpenStack. This deliverable also documents how the final infrastructure model is applied to RECAP Use Cases, providing Use Case C as an exemplar.

In summary, the focus of this document is to provide a foundation to enable improved insight-driven decision for the RECAP optimizer and orchestrator when making placement decisions related to each specific use-case as well as estimates as to the number, type and location of infrastructure resources that need to be deployed to minimally meet application performance thresholds.


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