D5.1. Initial Data Acquisition and Analytics Models

Deliverable D5.1 provides a detailed description of the tasks to be performed in the context of RECAP’s work package 5 (WP5), from the point of view of data processing and statistical models. The document also provides an architectural design of the different elements that compose the solution provided by WP5 for data retrieval, management and storage. The document covers both types of data sources: offline (trace-based) and online (monitoring-based).

This deliverable covers four critical elements that are required to successfully deliver data analysis for the RECAP project:

  1. The specific needs of the RECAP use cases in terms of data;
  2. The data source(s), transport, transformation and storage;
  3. The descriptive analysis and the mathematical models needed in the project;
  4. The infrastructure available for querying and visualisation of data.

A large portion of the document re-casts and re-interprets the RECAP Use Cases from the point of view of data flow: for each use case, D5.1 describes where the data is going to be collected from, what type of data is available, what kinds of transformation are needed (filtering, aggregation, pre-processing etc.), what models are going to be developed, and how the results are going to be visualized.

The deliverable provides the foundations, from a data point of view, for the work packages WP6 (workload and application modelling), WP7 (simulation) and WP8 (application placement and infrastructure optimisation). Finally, the document provides valuable information to be used for the architecture and design of RECAP in work package 4 (WP4).


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