Deliverable D8.1. Initial Infrastructure Modelling and Resource Mapping

A public deliverable 'Initial Infrastructure Modelling and Resource Mapping' is available for download. RECAP work package 8 is dedicated to the Application Placement and Infrastructure Optimisation needs of the project, and formally stated in September 2017.

With other technical work packages dedicated to data collection, visualisation and analysis (WP5), workload and application modelling (WP6), and large-scale simulations (WP7), work package 8 is designed to tackle the planning and continuous optimisation needs of infrastructure within the data centre, the core network, and infrastructure that may be out at the edge of the network. It is intended to leverage application and load propagation models to evaluate and optimise both application deployment and infrastructure (re)configuration decisions to meet the quality of service and overarching management policy constraints that apply, as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The entire RECAP project is grounded on its use cases, and so Section 2, Requirements Analysis, presents the consolidated results of an analysis of the use cases from an infrastructure requirements point of view. It is based on the work documented in deliverables D3.1. Initial Requirements and D4.1. Initial Testbed Configuration. From this analysis the requirements for both an infrastructure model and a tool to populate a comprehensive infrastructure landscape have been extracted.

Section 3 describes a RECAP Infrastructure Model (RIM) that provides a concrete structure in which to describe the key aspects of an infrastructure. A Java implementation has been developed to support initial data interoperability between different RECAP components and for initial simulation purposes. The RIM is used extensively by the RECAP Simulator as documented in deliverable D7.1. Initial Simulation Platform.

Section 4 then describes the Landscaper, a tool, building on previous work, that can automatically construct a comprehensive graph model of a live infrastructure deployment. The initial release of the Landscaper was open-sourced in November 2017. Indicative representations of the infrastructure landscape for all RECAP use cases are provided in Section 5.

Finally, Section 6 introduces state-of-the-art techniques for application placement and infrastructure optimisation. Applications of these algorithms to the RECAP use cases are discussed. This work is feeding into the definition of the overall RECAP System Architecture, a complementary process which is currently underway.


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