D4.6 Initial Integrated Prototype

This deliverable is an accompanying document for the initial prototype and the predecessor for (D4.4) and (D4.5) that describe the final prototype as well as the RECAP demonstrator. RECAP's integrated prototype demonstrates the interplay of the various RECAP components defined in the architecture. The prototype has been created using a strategy based on DevOps paradigms, such as Continuous Delivery and containerisation. In this way, the software artefacts from the technical work packages have been integrated.
The integrated prototype implements three subsystems of RECAP: (i) the Infrastructure Modelling and Monitoring subsystem, (ii) the Application and Infrastructure Optimisation, and (iii) the Simulation subsystem.
The Infrastructure Modelling and Monitoring subsystem provides the modelling means of a complete view on infrastructure and service level, and the monitoring means of collecting, processing and storage of monitoring data. The integrated components for this are probes, monitoring infrastructure (such as data lakes), the Landscaper, and visualisation tools.


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