D7.3. Initial Quality of Service Metrics and Models

RECAP's work package 7 (WP7) is dedicated to large-scale simulation frameworks including the task T7.3, focusing on quality of service specification and modelling. Deliverable D7.3 aims at documenting quality of service requirements and characteristics models applicable for the RECAP use cases and infrastructure. The achievements to date in that respect are presented throughout the document with the following outline:

  1. A definition of quality of service concepts;
  2. A detailed description of Key Performance Indicators used for evaluation of the quality of service fulfilment for the RECAP use cases including prioritization of these key performance indicators;
  3. A detailed description of the quality of service requirements for the workload components of the RECAP use case service users;
  4. A sketch on a quality of service characteristic model based upon the RECAP use case application model defined in Deliverable D6.1 and mapping to infrastructure resources;
  5. A sketch on a quality of service characteristics model for the infrastructure resources.

The document describes the hierarchy of the quality of service handling were the service users conveys quality of service requirements to the service provider, which conveys service requirements to the infrastructure service provider. The described prioritization of key performance indicators allows pruning of these key performance indicators and quality of service requirements considered in simulations as well as optimization activities in RECAP. A generic quality of service characteristics model is defined and applied to the application model of the RECAP use cases supporting analysis & simulations from a quality of service perspective. The document also describes the relationship between quality of service characteristic models for infrastructure resources and detailed infrastructure resource metrics.


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