Deliverable D7.1. Initial Simulation Platform

A public deliverable 'Initial Simulation Platform' is available for download. This report captures the simulation platform design and capabilities which are derived according to the project use case definition and an overview of existing cloud/fog/edge computing simulation platforms.

The initial RECAP simulation platform is designed to reflect the requirements derived from the behaviour of the systems presented in each of the use cases with following properties:

  • Geographical distribution
  • Hardware resource capacity
  • Virtual resource capacity
  • Network topology
  • Deployed applications (services) performance
  • User requests generation

The simulation architectural design reflects the needs of cloud/edge/fog computing in general and the individual needs of the presented use cases. The simulation platform includes several key components: ExperimentManager, SimulationManager, ModelMapper, EventCoordinator and EventGenerator. The ExperimentManager polls optimization, simulation, and event generator for available options and launches simulation instance with the listed parameters. Its main purpose is to gather all models and system configuration settings for the simulation experiment. The SimulationManager controls the simulation cycle using the ModelMapper to link RECAP Infrastructure Models (RIM) and simulation engine model elements. The EventCoordinator is responsible for simulation results serialization to a database storage and administration of optimization and failure events. The EventGenerator creates a distribution of failures or new Virtual Entity (VE) arrivals for the duration of simulation. It can also be extended to inject other types of events into simulation routine.

The developed initial simulation solution has been evaluated with a series of scaled up models to investigate the current base performance and to establish system requirements which are presented in this document at a high level. The next steps for the simulation framework focus on increasing the speed of simulation runs as well as decreasing resource consumption through proposed feature development. Integration of existing alternative simulation tools with the optimisation framework and the data collection framework increases functionality range of RECAP simulation platform allowing support requirements of the use cases and the target domain in general.


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