IP Briefing: RECAP Discrete Event Simulator

This IP briefing provides an overview of the RECAP Discrete Event Simulator which has been designed for informing capacity planning and optimisation for both applications and infrastructure in distributed clouds. The RECAP DES has the following features:

  • Use of popular CloudSim framework implementation (CloudSimPlus extended version)
  • A platform agnostic, highly flexible and efficient modelling using Google Protocol Buffers
  • Modelling and simulation of a geographically distributed edge physical infrastructure
  • Modelling and simulation of a distributed data flow with a hierarchical application architecture
  • Dynamic user location simulation and modelling support
  • Customizable policies for distributing workload considering a hierarchical architecture
  • Support for synchronous communication between application components for data aggregation (e g search engine)
  • Support for a flexible application workload propagation between application components
  • Support for data traffic separation and isolation by type within a single application model
  • A web RESTFUL API is available as an integration point and
  • It is available as a Docker containerization for download and usage


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