D5.4 Methods and Framework for Data Visualisation

Work package WP5 – Data Collection, Visualization and Analysis of the RECAP project is designated to deliver tools for data collection, processing and visualisation, which facilitates tasks of data analytics, application-specific visualisation and the needs for consumable data for the rest of the work packages.

The pupose of this document is to present RECAP visualisation methods and framework as well as tools that are used for data visualisation. Key contributions of the document are summarised as follows:
i) A classification of the visualisation tasks carried out in the project, together with a set of open-source tools and properietary tools adopted and implemented per task.
ii) A detailed description of the design of the visualisation framework together with techniques applied in the realisation of the framework.
iii) A description of each visualisation tool: how to use the tool and example results obtained by applying the tools to RECAP datasets.
iv) A detailed description of the RECAP tools: their funtionalities as well as implemetations and the visualisations provided by each tool.

The two main parts of the document present the visualisation approach (in Section 2) and specific visualisation tools (in Section 4). Besides a description of the realisation of the RECAP visualisation approach, this deliverable also serves as an overall guideline for the adopters (from within and outside the consortium) to implement their visualisations. The presentation of use case specific tools reveals techniques adopted for the implementation of the tools, but also demonstrates the contributions of RECAP in data visualisations in both academic research and industrial domains.
As visualisations of validation results provide a more consumable and illustrative presentation of the application/system performance and behaviour, the defined visualisation approach and framework pave the way for demonstrations and help building trust in the RECAP tooling in addition to facilitating data analytics over the entire duration of the project.



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