On April 12th, 2019, Johan Forsman (Tieto), Jörg Domaschka (UULM) and Paolo Casari (IMDEA Networks) of the RECAP project have attended the ETSI Experiential Network Intelligence (ENI) meeting in Warsaw, Poland. The ETSI Experiential Networked Industry Specification Group (ENI ISG) work on defining a Cognitive Network Management architecture using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and context-aware policies to adjust offered services based on changes in user needs, environmental conditions and business goals. The intention is that the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques in the network management system should solve some of the problems of future network deployment and operations. AT the meeting, consortium members have delivered a presentation on the RECAP project briefing the attendees on the RECAP approach and methodology, data veracity, simulation and separation of concerns addressed by the project. They have also presented the NFV management use case provided by Tieto.

The slides are available below as well as on the official RECAP SlideShare page.