RECAP Will Help Develop Next Generation of Flexible Computing System

The RECAP project got covered by the Irish Times, original article is available on the website.

Forget about the Internet of Things; researchers at Dublin City University are working on a €4.6 million project that will help support the Internet of Everything.

The EU-funded project, called RECAP, is aiming to develop the next generation of cloud computing systems, incorporating a more flexible model that allocates resources in a dynamic manner linked to time-varying user requirements.

The funding for the project came under the European Commission’s Horizon2020 project. It brings together partners from five countries – Germany, Sweden, Spain, Ireland and the UK – and includes Intel, BT UK and Ulm University.

“Ireland plays an important role in the provisioning of cloud services through the various multinationals that host in or base their data centres in Ireland. As our conceptualisation of the cloud and the benefits that the Internet of Everything will bring evolves, new technologies are needed to support the quality of service that enterprises and consumers expect,” said Theo Lynn, RECAP principal investigator at the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4) at Dublin City University. “RECAP is at the forefront of research in this area and will make a valuable contribution to the next generation of the cloud.”

The research team at IC4@DCU is leading the simulation-related work and also coordinates dissemination and exploitation efforts in the project.

The Internet of Everything is a concept that expands on the Internet of Things – where devices are connected – and includes people and processes. More than 13 billion devices are currently connected to the Internet.