Deliverable D2.4. Report on RECAP Concertation V.1

A public deliverable 'Report on RECAP Concertation V.1' is available for download. The primary purpose of concertation activities is to accelerate innovation and maximise value through the avoidance of duplication of effort. Concertation actions include collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking which may occur during a project or on future projects. Concertation leads to increased awareness on common areas of interest between the collaborators, exchange of best practices, results and knowledge, and paves a road for current and future joint research and development. It can also serve as a valuable dissemination tool for the project. As per the DoA, this document outlines the initial concertation strategy and activities and reports on activities completed to date.

The remainder of this report is organised as follows. Section 1 introduces the RECAP project, its aims and objectives for concertation and summarises the RECAP stakeholders. Section 2 outlines the RECAP concertation strategy. This is followed by an overview of concertation activities in Section 3. Section 4 presents the RECAP External Advisory Board who will provide multi-level feedback on all WP2 activities. The document concludes with the key performance indicators set for the concertation strategy, performance to date and is followed by a brief conclusion.

The concertation plan and activities outlined in this document are by no means final. They are all subject to change as the project develops and the project members engage with identified stakeholders through the External Advisory Board, primary research, and dissemination and exploitation activities. Any proposed changes are subject to approval by the Project Management Board and the Project Coordinator.


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