D4.5 System Demonstrator

This document is a supplementary companion report accompanying the demonstration deliverable D4.5. The document is brief in nature and summarises seven public demonstrators built within the scope of the project. Collectively, the demonstrators illustrate RECAP functionality and showcase the technical and scientific outcomes produced in the project.

  • The first demonstration provides an overview of the modelling and application optimization capabilities of RECAP runtime system.
  • The second demo addresses procurement, long-term planning and infrastructure optimization.
  • The third demonstration presents RECAP's automated machine learning (AutoML) library.
  • The fourth demo illustrates the interplay in the RECAP software architecture. It shows how to install the RECAP components and applications in a distributed environment.
  • The fifth demo demonstrates the SAT-IoT middleware platform that adopts RECAP strategies and incorporates a RECAP optimizer.
  • The next demo shows the OpenStack management tool that provides an approach to deploying and running a containerized OpenStack cloud infrastructure.
  • The final demonstrator covers the generation of multivariate time series data using neural networks.



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