Market Briefing: RECAP Technical Outputs

This market briefing provides an overview of over 12 discrete technical outputs that have been generated and are available to license under open-source licenses or commercially through RECAP partners. These include:

  • RECAP Simulator Framework
  • RECAP Application Configuration and Deployment Optimiser
  • RECAP City Simulator/Regional User Simulator Tool
  • RECAP Monitoring and Storage Infrastructure
  • RECAP Workload Generators
  • RECAP Visualisation Toolkit
  • RECAP Automated Machine Learning Tool (AutoML)
  • RECAP Workload Generator/Anonymisation Tool based on Neuronal Networks
  • RECAP Infrastructure Optimiser (Mechanism for Automated Application Placement and Capacity Planning)
  • RECAP OpenStack Infrastructure Manager
  • RECAP Workload Predictor for Globally Distributed Services
  • RECAP CLI Tool (Cloud-based Emulation for IoT and Edge Infrastructures)

The briefing includes a summary of each technical output with the relevant contact details and license status for those who may be interested in further information on the IP or licensing one or more specific components.

RECAP Technical Outputs


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