Top 20 Influencers on Smart Cities

Top 20 Influencers on Smart Cities

By 2025 there will be 29 megacities (cities with a population of over 10 million). With the swift growth of city populations globally, so does the preparation to run these cities demands efficiently. Within any of these cities there are millions of devices already deployed and billions more coming, that can make a city “smarter” by collecting real time data on road and transport, weather, energy, and water usage, waste collection, power distribution and much more. That data can be analysed and the resulting knowledge put to work to understand what’s happening now and predict what will happen in the future. Data is been generated with an acceleration of the volume accounting for over 90% of data in the world created in the past 2 years. The global market for smart cities is expected to reach 400 Billion per annum by 2020. The research such as the Horizon 2020 sponsored “Recap Project” will be influential in how the industry approaches these progressions in a sustainable way.

The “Recap Project” list of Top 20 Smart Cities  Influencers was generated using twitter data pulled from the Twitter Firehose in 2016 for ‘cloud computing’. All tweets containing ‘smart cities’ were extracted and the relationship between the users was generated using the @reply network with Google Big Query and the programming language R. Page Rank and In-degree were used to measure who were the most influential users.


  1. @P4LOIndia

Perry4Law is a Law Firm of India specialising in Techno-Legal Corporate, IP and ICT matters such as Business Setup, Corporate & Commercial Advisory, Contract Management, Due Diligence, Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics, Cloud Computing, Digital Evidencing, E-Courts, E-Discovery, E-Governance, Electronic Services Delivery, National E-Governance Plan (NEGP), E-Commerce, Resolution of Domain Disputes and Technology related disputes, Intellectual Property.

  1. @Praveen-Dalal

Specialist in Techno Legal Litigation, Consultancy, Trainings, Legislation Making and Corporate Support. In this Capacity, I manage issues pertaining to Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics, Digital Forensics, Digital and Electronic Evidencing, Anti Cyber Espionage, Anti Cyber Terrorism, Anti Cyber War, E-Surveillance, Human Rights in Cyberspace, Private Defence in Cyberspace, E-Commerce, E-Governance, Due Diligence, Social Media Laws, Data Protection, and Privacy Rights.

  1. @JSC_whioce

The Journal of Smart Cities offers a multidisciplinary forum for publishing original research in the area of smart cities, bringing together scholars from the fields of engineering, urban planning, computer science, and information and knowledge management. The Journal of Smart Cities will serve as an international platform by sharing the latest research achievements on smart cities globally, offering a comprehensive access to researchers and the academic communities.

  1. @StratosQuo

StratosQuo works with organisations to disrupt themselves develop Digital Transformation & IT Strategies in line with their business requirements. These include Hybrid, Private and Public Cloud Strategies, IoT investigation, Enterprise Architecture, developing and Reviewing Cloud Architecture, Infrastructure solutions, Hybrid solutions and Technical assessment across all industries and verticals as required.

  1. @TamaraMcCleary

At the intersection of marketing and technology, Tamara is an internationally recognized expert on branding, influence & social business. The Founder and CEO of Thulium, a brand amplification company, specializing in B2B social media account-based marketing, Tamara’s expertise is in B2B and B2C marketing, social influence and technology. She is ranked by Klear in the Top 1% of global Social Media Influencers.

  1. @RedPhantom

Rick Barron is a prominent social media specialist conducting daily chats on social media platforms. He is primarily focused on anything relevant in the tech world. Rick is the Social Media Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  1. @SamiGhazali

IT Architect, Former Head of Digital Economy Development Unit at ICT Ministry, Former PKI CEO, Specialties: IT Architect, PKI, Digital Certification, Digital signature

  1. @iamorbz

Takudzwa Razemba is co-founder of IoE World Forum, Founder of Helion IoT. A growth hacker, keynote speaker, a respected IoE expert and entrepreneur

  1. @thomaspower

Thomas Power is a chief digital officer, non-executive board member and renowned key note speaker. Published seven books and is a respected tech social media contributor.


  1. @julianclover

Julian Clover is a Media and Technology journalist based in Cambridge, UK. He works in online and printed media. Julian is also a voice on local radio.

  1. @aliciaasin

Alicia Asin is a highly regarded IOT visionary. Co-founder and CEO of Libelium. Libelium design and manufacture wireless sensor network devices so that system integrators, engineering, and consultancy companies can deliver reliable Internet of Things (IoT), M2M and Smart Cities solutions with minimum time to market.

  1. @DGrimesCloud

A tech enthusiast David Grimes is responsible for the overall technology vision and direction for the Navisite as well as continuing to lead research and development. He is instrumental in the design and creation of Navisite’s innovative cloud computing platform.


  1. @RogerBouG

Managing director of world leading global events, specializing in digital transformation, Internet of Things, Blockchain and Startups. Roger is focused on 4.0 industries, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Quantum. He created and implemented the IIOT event, the IOT Solutions World Congress in partnership with the Industrial Internet Consortium.

  1. @hamildean

Dean Hamilton is senior vice president and general manager (Concert IoT BU) at Accelerite. Accelerite enables companies to secure their connected enterprises, bringing connected devices to life. Accelerite is a global leader in software product development and technology services.


  1. @sandy_carter

Sandy Carter is Vice President at Amazon Web Services. A specialist in leadership, management, entrepreneurship, social media, digital, marketing, strategy, accomplished in area concerned with cloud, IOT and smart cities.

  1. @mycomosi

  1. @tcurwin

Trevor Curwin is an experienced energy markets professional with an extensive network of institutional investor and asset management relationships He is editor-in-chief @ Readwrite, Advisor @ Greensparc.

  1. @tmforumorg

TM Forum is an association of over 850 member companies generating US$2 trillion in revenue and serving five billion customers across 180 countries. Driving collaboration and collective problem-solving to maximize the business success of communication and digital service providers and their ecosystem of suppliers around the world.

  1. @ThinkBig_open

Think Big is the corporate blog of Telefónica in which focuses on share on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  1. @DuurzaamBV

A Dutch media firm who analyse all things tech related discuss new technological trends such as urbanisation, smart cities and circular economy.