VIDEOS and SLIDES: The 2nd Quarterly Symposium on Data Centres

The 2nd Quarterly Symposium on Data Centres took place on April 10, 2018, hosted in conjunction with the National Conference on Cloud Computing and Commerce (NC4 2018).

The event started with opening remarks by the President and Founder of Host in Ireland, Garry Connolly. This was followed by David McAuley’s (Bitpower) presentation on Irish Data Centres in Numbers.

Following the talk, Tanya Duncan (Interxion), Bernard Geoghegan (Host in Ireland) and David McAuley (BitPower) discussed data centres and Ireland, the opportunities and risks for sustainability. The panel was be moderated by Garry Connolly.

After a short coffee break, Sergej Svorobej (DCU) introduced RECAP, a Horizon2020 project to develop a radically novel concept in the provision of cloud services, where services are elastically instantiated and provisioned close to the users that actually need them via self-configurable cloud computing systems.

Alec Leckey (Intel) presented Intel’s contribution to the RECAP project and discussed how it maps to the wider Edge/Fog agenda within the Intel labs.

This was followed directly by the final panel moderated by Jim Rice (Sirus Engineering). The panellists included Peter Connolly (EnerNOC), Paul Carthy (Mercury Engineering) and Greg Hayden (Ethos Engineering).

The RECAP presentations are now available on the official YouTube channeland the SlideShare account: