RECAP OpenStack Infrastructure Manager

The RECAP OpenStack Infrastructure Manager is a collection of management tools which aim to simplify the configuration, installation, operation, and reconfiguration of OpenStack environments. Exploiting immutability concepts this toolset maintains stable, containerised and self-configuring versions of OpenStack services. Based on a topology description of the data center, available servers and switches are configured and required/desired. OpenStack services including operating systems are automatically rolled out over available hardware. The methodology has been extended and successfully ported to operating environments other than OpenStack including Spark and machine learning tools, DNS, and pools of desktop PC’s.

Benefits: The RECAP OpenStack Infrastructure Manager is particularly suited for environments that require period reconfigurations, for instance, due to changing requirements for validations and benchmarking. It also improves the maintainability of OpenStack installations by creating a stable testing and continuous deployment environment. In addition, it supports canary releases of OpenStack installations when upgrading OpenStack services, the operating systems, or the underlying hardware thus supporting capacity testing of OpenStack upgrades in a production environment with a safe rollback strategy if issues are found. Using RECAP OpenStack Infrastructure Manager has resulted in an 80% reduced manpower.

Licence: Proprietary.

Contact: Ulm University, Germany | Dr. Jörg Domaschka | [email protected]