RECAP Simulator Framework

The RECAP Simulation Framework is an open source simulation framework designed to support experimentation of infrastructure with different description models for workload, user distribution, network topology, and (physical and virtual) resource placement. It is able to simulate different use cases including Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), Elasticsearch, smart cities, and virtual Content Delivery Networks (vCDN). The output of the RECAP Simulation Framework depends on the use case, but in general, it is a set of metrics predefined by the user such as bandwidth, resource consumption (CPU, memory, storage), network delay, energy consumption, active number of VMs, cache hits and cache misses.

Benefits: The RECAP Simulation Framework enables the large scale experimentation of infrastructure with various scenarios. This enables non-data scientists to forecast the placement of servers and resources by executing configurable predictions and consequently offers optimised distributed service provisioning under load changes.

Licence: Open Source.



DCU | Theo Lynn |
CERTH | Konstantinos Giannoutakis |

RECAP City Simulator/Regional User Simulator Tool

The RECAP City Simulator/Regional User Simulator Tool is used for large scale simulation of the behaviour of user and things within a region. The simulated behaviour includes contextaware service utilisation and mobility for various categories of users, things and services. It operates on global open data-sets enabling simulation of desired region with the possibility to add detailed local data-sets for refined simulations of a specific region. The tool supports generation of user behaviour for offline and online system simulators as well as driving online traffic generators in testbeds.

Benefits: The RECAP City Simulator/Regional User Simulator Tool enables detailed simulation of dynamic scenarios over larger regions with less effort and shorter lead-time than traditional methods whilst simultaneously supporting reactive adaptation of the behaviour to injected events. The tool overcomes limitations with traditional methods of script-based solutions or replay of packet captures from live networks. It enables easy exploration of what-if scenarios and complex network traffic scenarios to build trust in solutions before deployment of these solutions in live networks.

Licence: Proprietary.

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