RECAP Visualisation Toolkit

The RECAP Visualisation Toolkit visualises network topology and deployment from data generated by the Intel Labs Europe Landscaper. The data includes nodes, virtual machines and associated attributes. Additional information for links and load over the links over time is retrieved from a second source. The toolkit is provided as a web application bundled with a webserver and provides several views:

• A geographical view that visualises network topology of nodes and links between the nodes on a map.
• A logical view that visualises network topology of network, without geographic attributes.
• A deployment view visualising content of nodes, such as deployed virtual machines.

Benefits: The toolkit provides visualisation via a simple web browser over multiple (geographical, logical and deployment) views of the data extracted from the Landscaper data collection tool. This enables visualisation on the most appropriate and relevant desired level of abstraction such as national, regional, local or data centre.

Licence: Open Source.

Contact: Tieto Product Development Services | Johan Forsman | [email protected]